Homemade teeth whitening recipe made out of coconut oil, turmeric and baking soda

For thousands of years, people have searched for effective ways to whiten their teeth. Ancient Egyptians applied ground pumice stone, wine, and vinegar to their teeth. During that time, a person’s sparkling smile signaled prestige and beauty.

In times since, dentists have discovered more effective teeth whitening methods. These methods don’t use wine or vinegar, but they can boost your confidence! Even now, a whiter smile can help individuals feel beautiful and more in control. So how do you get that whiter smile?

What can Turmeric do for your teeth?

Many people still experiment with different methods of whitening. More recently, the question: “Can turmeric whiten your teeth?” has begun making its rounds throughout the dental community. Let’s try to answer that today!

Why use turmeric?

Let’s look at the various characteristics of turmeric starting with its color. It’s a bright yellow. Your mission is to whiten your teeth right? The color seems self-defeating from the beginning. Those who have brushed their teeth with turmeric know to “rinse and repeat.” Your teeth will be an alarming shade of yellow without a very thorough water rinse. Using a yellow substance to whiten teeth adds a lot of doubt to the “will it work” equation.

How to make a homemade turmeric toothpaste

One turmeric recipe says to apply a mixture of 2 parts turmeric, 1 part coconut oil, and 1 part baking soda to your teeth. It should have the consistency of a paste. The paste is then applied to your toothbrush–and then to your teeth.

If you study the ingredients you may discover the reasoning behind using turmeric. It’s abrasive qualities share similar characteristics to baking soda. As shown in the recipe, baking soda is a part of the mixture. For those who use baking soda to clean, you understand how abrasive it can be!

Are there any side effects?

Is it safe or healthy for your teeth to undergo continual abrasion? Not usually. The application of baking soda on your teeth should not be a daily practice. Mouth problems can worsen or emerge when soft gum tissues meet abrasive substances. To avoid gum damage or inflammation, avoid harmful practices that irritate your gums.

So, does it work?

Like baking soda, studies seem to show that turmeric temporarily “polishes” your teeth. But it also begs the question: “How much is too much?”
Another negative regarding turmeric is the amount of time involved in the application and clean-up process Unlike baking soda, turmeric can stain your teeth, toothbrush, clothing, and hands.

The Break-Down

You can avoid the complications that result from improper–or inconvenient turmeric use. How? By avoiding it altogether! There are more effective teeth whitening methods available. Ask your local dental professional for the information you need to determine your journey to a brighter smile. Achieving a whiter smile shouldn’t rely on unknowns. If you are a Mission Viejo local who wants some clarity, contact OMD today! We’ll help you discover the best teeth whitening solution for your specific needs.

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