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Once upon a time, white teeth seemed to be only for models, actors and actresses. Now, anyone can have them – and you don’t have to be rich or famous to have white teeth. If you look around, there are many people who have dazzling smiles.

Stained teeth can make you self-conscious and reluctant to smile. Holding your hand in front of your mouth instead of showing off that grin can make you seem unfriendly or shy. If that’s the case, it is probably time you did something to make you want to show off those pearly whites.

Dramatically Change Your Smile

One of the most dramatic (and easy) changes to make to your smile is to have your teeth whitened professionally. Don’t bother with the do-it-yourself teeth whitening strategies that pop up on social media. These methods may make your teeth whiter, but it is a slow process and won’t give you the immediate results you want.

When you have your teeth whitened in the Oso Marguerite Dental’s office, you will go home with a dazzling smile in a very short amount of time.

Professional Teeth Whitening in One Hour

When you decide to have your teeth professionally whitened, you’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is.

First of all, your gums and lips will be covered – leaving your teeth exposed. Then, a preparation of gentle teeth whitening bleach will be applied to your teeth. To quickly activate the bleach gel, a special light will be applied. Usually, the gel is reapplied for three, 15-minute periods.

Following the 45 minutes of treatment, a paste is applied that will reduce the sensitivity some people experience. And you’re done! Out the door you go, with a mouthful of beautiful white teeth.

Keeping Your Teeth White and Healthy

In order to keep your teeth white, it is important to avoid foods and drinks that cause staining. Red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco products and dark berries (like blueberries) are the most common. Frequent brushing after eating or drinking these offenders will reduce the risk of losing the look that professional teeth whitening gave you.

Nothing takes the place of good oral hygiene and regular checkups for your overall health. Visit your dentist on a regular basis to have your teeth examined and cleaned.

Teeth Whitening With Oso Marguerite Dental

If you are someone who hides your smile because your teeth are dull or stained, professional teeth whitening is for you. You will be surprised how easy it is to get your teeth whitened professionally. Contact Oso Marguerite Dental

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