Reasons to visit us:

I Broke My Tooth Read More

I Broke My Tooth

Your teeth are durable and made up of the strongest substance in your body. Still, sometimes it takes very little damage a tooth.

What About Oral Cancer Read More

What About Oral Cancer

Early detection of tissue abnormalities in the mouth is the best way to prevent serious health concerns including oral cancer.

Wisdom Teeth Read More

Wisdom Teeth

Treatment for wisdom teeth that must be removed varies depending on whether they have erupted or are impacted.

I Think I Have a Cavity Read More

I Think I Have a Cavity

Cavities get progressively worse with time. Catching them as early as possible is the best way to assure that treatments are effective.

I Need a Root Canal Read More

I Need a Root Canal

A root canal is necessary when the pulp within a tooth becomes inflamed and infected. If not addressed promptly, this problem can lead to several issues.

Implants are Too Expensive Read More

Implants are Too Expensive

Implants offer the highest level of comfort and performance because they are permanently fixed within the mouth.

My Dentures Don’t Fit Read More

My Dentures Don’t Fit

Properly fitted dentures should feel comfortable and create the appearance of a natural smile.

I Have Missing Teeth Read More

I Have Missing Teeth

Teeth can fall out for a number of reasons. When this happens, the experience is often traumatic, and the impact is long lasting.

My Bite is Off Read More

My Bite is Off

When your bite is off, it impacts your smile and can cause discomfort when eating certain foods or difficulty when pronouncing some words.

I Have Bad Breath Read More

I Have Bad Breath

With a thorough evaluation, we can help you to discover the reasons behind your bad breath and formulate an effective treatment plan

My Gums Bleed Read More

My Gums Bleed

If your gums are bleeding, it is never a good idea to ignore it. This is often an indicator of gingivitis.

I’m Afraid of the Dentist Read More

I’m Afraid of the Dentist

Fear of the dentist is very common. Overcoming this fear involves building a relationship so that you feel more comfortable.

I Don’t Like My Smile Read More

I Don’t Like My Smile

A smile is more than just a sign of good dental health. It impacts everything from beauty to confidence.

My Tooth Hurts Read More

My Tooth Hurts

Persistent tooth pain can impact what you eat, how well you sleep and your general comfort level.

I’m New to the Area Read More

I’m New to the Area

As part of this effort, we encourage you to visit our office early, before any dental problems arise.

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