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Serving the Mission Viejo area, our dental office is committed to providing our patients with compassionate and professional dental care of the highest standards in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

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Dr. Markos N. Botros

After working in a quality control lab Dr. Botros realized he wanted to work directly with people, caring for them and interacting with them on a personal level.

Meet Dr. Markos N. Botros
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Dr. Kamila Szczepaniec

After New York University, Kamila continued her studies with a residency at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn where she received the Resident of the Year Award.

Meet Dr. Kamila Szczepaniec
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Dr. Shervin Molayem

In pursuit of his passion for surgery and dental implants, Dr. Molayem completed a rigorous three-year specialty program at the USC School of Dentistry.

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Meet our team

  • 34 Years In Business
  • 2856 # of Smiles Enhanced
  • 40 Years of Combined Experience
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Our Mission

To earn our patients’ trust through compassion, commitment, and integrity (beneficence).

To empower our patients’ in making informed decisions on their dental and oral health through patient education.

To continually improve the patient experience by employing the latest science and technology.

To focus solely on patient care and avoid being influenced by companies that may not have the patients’ best interests in mind.

Our Story:

  • Mission Viejo Dentist - OMD - Founded in 1983 1983 Oso Marguerite Dental Founded
  • Mission Viejo Dentist - Dr. Ronald Takai Joins OMD 1990 Dr. Ronald Takai Joins OMD
  • mission viejo dentist - OMD 2014 Dr. Kamila & Dr. Botros Join OMD

1983 – Oso Marguerite Dental Founded

Long before Oso Marguerite Dental opened it’s doors nearly 40 years ago, three doctors had a vision to create the best and most unique dental experience Mission Viejo and South County had ever seen. Dr. Theodore Witt, Dr. Gary Clayman and Dr. Ronald Phiilips envisioned an office that would feature the brightest talents, the latest in dental technology, and the pinnacle of patient care. And they wanted all this to take place in the most serene of settings
On August 1st, 1983, Oso Marguerite Dental was born. Many of our current patients will recall the most identifying characteristic, the lush tropical atriums home to many rare and exotic birds. Patients could enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds during their visits. Because the founding doctors treated and interacted with each patient as an extension of their family, the office grew immensely solely on word of mouth. With this growth came even greater need to remain unwavering and steadfast in their founding vision and principles.

Mission Viejo Dentist - OMD - Founded in 1983

Dr. Ronald Takai Joins OMD

In 1990, Dr. Ronald Takai joined the practice, ushering in a second era at Oso Marguerite Dental. Dr. Takai brought a fresh take on dental care, utilizing advanced technologies and dental materials to improve patient care and efficiency. He embraced the “whole body” approach to dentistry, recognizing oral health is the window to overall health and well-being.

When Dr. Takai began to plan his retirement, he knew the importance of passing on the history and tradition to doctors who would continue to build upon this legacy. After an exhaustive search, Dr. Kamila and Dr. Botros joined the Oso Marguerite Dental team in 2014.

Mission Viejo Dentist - Dr. Ronald Takai Joins OMD

Dr. Kamila & Dr. Botros Join OMD

Today, in its third generation of patient care, Oso Marguerite Dental continues to uphold the core values and principles set forth by the founding doctors. Dr. Kamila and Dr. Botros are focused on patient centric care and beneficence. These principles are the reason you will be able to meet individuals and families that have been active patients of our office for over 30 years! We value the practice of dentistry and strive to make each patient experience exceptional.

While the birds may not be there, many of the founding doctors, their loved ones, past and present employees and their families are current patients of Dr. Kamila and Dr. Botros. It’s no wonder “birds of similar feather always flock together.” We are trilled to be the third generations of doctors to uphold the legacy of this great dental practice and invite you to join our dental family. Won’t you come make history with us!

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