professional teeth whitening in mission viejo

Over the counter teeth whiteners will do the job if you don’t want to visit the dentist. It’s important to understand, however, that it may be cheaper, in the long run, to have your dentist perform a professional teeth whitening procedure. This is especially true if you want uniform results that are long-lasting. If you visit a dentist to have your teeth whitened, you will spend less time with each procedure and leave with brighter, whiter teeth. 

Takes Longer to Produce Results

Over the counter or drugstore teeth whiteners may take longer to produce the results you want. Some of the whiteners may use abrasives that can be harmful to your teeth, while some use chemicals that are weaker and less effective than the professional kits. Some kits may use less effective chemical combinations which means the process may take much longer to complete and still not produce the level of whiteness you are looking for. Not only does it take longer to achieve the desired results, but you also will have to use them more frequently to maintain the level of whiteness you want to maintain.

Not as Strong as Professional Whiteners

The chemicals used in over the counter or drugstore teeth whiteners are sometimes lower quality or simply weaker than those that are used by your dentist. Not only does this cause the process to take longer than expected, but it can also damage the surface of your teeth if you leave them in place for too long. With weaker chemicals, the results may not be what you expect and may not last as long.

Results May Not Last as Long

The professional teeth whitening systems used by your dentist are designed to provide bright white teeth in a short amount of time. The chemicals are strong enough to provide the results you want that will last sometimes two to three times as long as over the counter or drugstore teeth whiteners. Instead of repeating the process at home every two or three weeks, you can go to the dentist once every two or three months.

What Option is Best for You?

While over the counter or drugstore teeth whiteners are safe to use, you will have to use them more often if you expect to have the same results as a treatment you receive from your dentist. When you go to your dentist for a whitening procedure, you are guaranteed that the procedure is performed correctly and that your results will be what you expect. The results will also last longer allowing you to enjoy your smile for longer periods between visits to the dentist. If you live in the Mission Viejo area, make sure to contact the teeth whitening professionals at Oso Marguerite Dental with any questions you may have.

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