Get Kids To Brush Their Teeth With These Fun Songs

songs to brush your teeth to

Practicing good hygiene habits at a young age can prevent costly and painful dental visits in the future. Close to half of all children from 2 to 11 years old actually have some form of tooth decay. What’s going on? It could come down to a few factors.

If a child has an overabundance of sugary foods, doesn’t floss or brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time, or grinds their teeth, tooth decay can occur. How do you put a stop to it? You make dental care fun!

A Musical Accompaniment

Dentists recommend on average 2 minutes of brush time per child at least twice a day. To a child, 2 minutes may seem like a lifetime. How can you keep your child engaged during the brushing process? For children, it’s all about distraction, fun colors and fully engaging in the process. Try playing/singing 2-minute long music tunes while your child is brushing to help them stay on course. Here is a quick go-to list of songs that can spur your child’s musical talent and passion for tooth care:

“Brush Your Teeth” (sung to the “Jingle Bells” carol)


“Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth” (“Row, row, row your boat tune”)


“Brush and Floss”( starring Dudley the Dinosaur)


“Got my Tooth Paste, Got My Brush” (tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle”)


“Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Brush PSA” (a Sesame Street Elmo favorite)


“Plants vs. Zombies & the ADA Present:  Stop Zombie Mouth!” (this tune is great for older kids especially)


These songs are easy to sing/memorize and can really help your child enjoy teeth care time!

Other Ways to Get Children Excited About Dental Care

Is a fun musical tune not enough? Here are a few other ways to help get kids excited about hygiene and jumpstart their journey towards better mouth health:

Plan a Tour of a Children’s Dental Clinic

An interactive and learning experience involving dental experts in the field can change a child’s perspective on dental care. Fear can be a powerful deterrent to get the proper checkups and cleanings. You can facilitate a child’s understanding of why proper dental care is necessary by allowing them to see for themselves why good hygiene practices are a must.

Show the Proper Technique By Example

Young children often imitate the people most involved in their life. Peer influence usually occurs in a child’s later years. If your child falls into the age group of 2 to 9, you may be their most influential role model. Teaching by example the appropriate measures to safeguard tooth enamel and maintain healthy hygiene habits can keep your children focused on protecting their teeth as well.

Get Creative With Your Tools

What can you do to make teeth care that much sweeter? Bring some of their personal interests into the picture. Themed toothbrushes and toothpaste with a child’s favorite cartoon characters can really keep them in tune with teeth brushing. Brightly colored floss picks in fun animal shapes may inspire your child to floss a little more. Let your child personalize and customize their experience so that they’ll feel like a dental professional!

If you are searching for a way to keep your child’s smile bright and healthy, visit Oso Marguerite Dental today. We’ve plenty of suggestions to help keep your child’s mouth health on track and the skilled dental professionals to facilitate the best dental experience!

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