My Tooth Hurts

Persistent tooth pain can impact what you eat, how well you sleep and your general comfort level throughout the day. It is not something to ignore. To alleviate the pain, it is necessary to call our office and schedule a visit as soon as possible.  This is the best way to reduce the potential of more serious problems. The professional team at Oso Marguerite Dental is well equipped to diagnose your pain and make the most effective, least invasive treatment recommendations for your specific situation.

During an emergency visit to our office to treat tooth pain, our dentists will examine your mouth and utilize tools including radiographs to diagnose the underlying problem. The reason for your pain might include an infection, tooth decay, a fracture, enamel erosion or teeth grinding or clenching.  Once diagnosed, we will make recommendations to eliminate your pain and prevent any further complications. These might include filling the tooth, performing a root canal, placing a crown on the tooth or fitting you with a custom mouthguard. Regardless of the treatment plan, your comfort and confidence remain a top priority. We will discuss all options with you and involve you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my tooth hurts, does it always mean I need a filling?

    Not necessarily. There are many reasons for tooth pain. They include tooth decay, sinus pressure, trauma to the jaw, recent dental work or infection. To resolve the problem, schedule an appointment with Oso Marguerite Dental for an evaluation.

  • What happens if I do not treat tooth pain?

    Untreated tooth pain will often get worse. This could result in an infection or even tooth loss. It is best to visit Oso Marguerite Dental as soon as possible to preserve your smile and protect the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums.

  • Are there any temporary remedies for tooth pain while I am waiting for my appointment?

    Yes, there are a few things that might temporarily alleviate tooth pain. These include swishing with warm salt water, taking over the counter pain medication, icing the sore spot and applying an over the counter pain relief gel. Keep in mind that these remedies are only temporary, and it is still necessary to visit Oso Marguerite Dental as soon as possible.

  • How do I make my appointment to see a dentist about my tooth pain?

    To schedule an appointment and have your tooth evaluated, simply call Oso Marguerite Dental. Let the front office staff member know that you are experiencing discomfort, and she will schedule your appointment for the next available time slot.

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