Knocked Your Tooth Out? Know Your Tooth Replacement Options

dental implants for knocked out teeth

Tooth loss in any form can be a knockout punch to your self-esteem. If you have recently had your tooth knocked out, don’t panic. There is hope! Over 120 million people in the United States are missing at least one tooth. Like them, you have tooth replacement options that can help turn your frown upside down.

First Option: Reattachment

React calmly and quickly, because your original tooth may be able to be fully restored. Here are a few factors that could ensure your original tooth is effectively reattached at the sight of injury:

  • Optimum Timing– If you get to a dental care professional within an hour after the loss occurred the tooth may be able to be anchored in place until natural healing occurs.
  • Ideal Age– Children’s teeth are more easily attached, perhaps because of their proclivity towards restoration and healing.
  • Good Tooth Structure– If the tooth has been cleanly detached during the knockout, the bone and fibers are left intact, making for an easier reattachment.
  • Handled With Care– Picking up the tooth by the crown, ensuring it’s clean and holding it in place while driving to the dentist can aid and ensure the recovery process is successful.

Next Option: Proven Alternatives

Affordable Options

Here are two dental possibilities that can act as low-cost viable precursors to undergoing a dental implant procedure.

  • Flippers are temporary partial dentures used to fill in missing gaps to restore your confidence in your smile until you decide on a permanent fix.
  • Partial Removable Dentures replace missing teeth in the same area/arch and typically use a metal framework to fit over the teeth.

The Ultimate Fix

  • Dental implants are ideal for knockout tooth casualties. They enable your smile to stay healthy.  When you can’t use your original tooth, these artificial and durable solutions fill the void in structure and defense against periodontal disease and save your remaining teeth from taking the brunt of your bite.

Dental implants artificially replace the natural root of the tooth. They are the only procedure available to prevent jaw bone loss. If you have many missing teeth an implant supported bridge cuts cost in a big way. The bridge uses high-quality materials to create natural looking teeth. The dental expert screws implants (a few not all of the replacement teeth) into the jawline, allowing some replacement teeth to sit on the gumline, completing your smile and preventing bone loss at the same time.

A Smile for Life

The fullness of your smile shouldn’t end with tooth loss. Some insurances will cover at least one of the dental procedures listed above. If not, Oso Marguerite Dental offers affordable payment plans, so that you can restore your perfect grin!

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