How Do You Know When to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

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Are you a Californian local who is struggling with mouth pain? What is causing it? The body undergoes various changes on the journey from childhood into adulthood. Your mouth does as well. The molars that grow in place before you reach adolescence are necessary for chewing and supporting the structure of your mouth.

Molars safeguard your other smaller teeth, bearing most of the stress that comes from chewing. Extra molars though, can damage your remaining teeth. What happens if you receive an unexpected third row of molars during or after adolescence? These extra teeth are called wisdom teeth and can cause widespread tooth problems and pain.

Knowing the Signals

Wisdom teeth aren’t necessary to maintain a healthy mouth. In fact, they can and do often become a painful nuisance. Young adults and teens that have an extra set of molars suffer from effects that can hinder the way they live. Below is a list of conditions that are triggered by wisdom teeth:

  • Excessive tooth pressure
  • Crooked teeth or impacted teeth
  • Crowded, shifting teeth
  • Tooth damage

If you have noticed your mouth displaying any of the above conditions, it’s time to ask a dental expert near you for some professional help. Your wisdom teeth may need to be removed.

When Wisdom Teeth Hurt

How can wisdom teeth cause so many problems? The truth lies in your jaw area. Wisdom teeth cause jaw pain because your jaw can actually shrink. Your body is signaling that your mouth doesn’t welcome the intrusion. To accommodate an extra set of molars, your jaw needs extra space.

When wisdom teeth don’t fit, your teeth start shifting to accommodate for lack of space. Impacted teeth are wisdom teeth that have no room to grow. This condition can trigger teeth moving in front of other teeth, crooked wisdom teeth, and inflicts damage on other straight teeth already permanently set in your mouth. Below are some of the painful symptoms that you may experience because of wisdom teeth:

  • Cold and hot tooth sensitivity
  • Swelling
  • Gum infection
  • Dull, aching jaw
  • Gum or jaw tenderness

Thankfully, the right professional dental health care experts will act to accurately diagnose and remove painful wisdom teeth to better your smile. You can protect and prevent further damage to your existing teeth by undergoing a tooth removal procedure.

The Removal: What to Expect

Are you worried about wisdom teeth removal? Don’t! Your experienced oral surgeon will ensure the process is done efficiently to eradicate any suffering caused by unnecessary molars. Recovery after surgery can be helped by following these few simple instructions:

1. Avoid hard chewy foods for the first few days.

2. A liquid diet may be necessary for a short time post surgery.

3.  Depending on the side where the removal took place, don’t chew in that area of the mouth as directed by your surgeon.

4. Ice the area for pain as needed.

5. Use a moist heat pack on the extraction area in case of swelling.

6. Follow the dental professional’s instructions for cleaning to avoid irritation or infection.

See the Wisdom Teeth Experts

Is it time to get wise to the healthy or unhealthy state of your smile? Wisdom teeth can become an unnecessary and painful part of your life. If you need specialized dental treatment, Oso Marguerite Dental staff are on call to help you! Contact us today and schedule an in-depth teeth consultation today.

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