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Many of us know that fluoride is good for our teeth because it is found in toothpaste, mouthwash, and a variety of other dental products. It’s actually an element found in nature. It is the soil, our water, and in many of the foods we eat. Fluoride is used to strengthen our teeth and helps to prevent cavities and other imperfections.

Your Teeth Need Fluoride

Fluoride mixes with the saliva in your mouth and enters your teeth through the porous enamel that covers their surface. This strengthens your teeth and protects them from bacteria that can damage them. Fluoride protects your teeth and keeps them from decaying. It does this by strengthening the tooth’s structure and reducing the amount of minerals that are lost. By preventing the growth of bacteria and reducing the amount of acid produced in the mouth, fluoride acts as a barrier against cavities.

The Benefits of Systemic Fluoride

It is estimated that drinking water that contains fluoride will reduce your risk of getting a cavity by at least 25%. When fluoride is added to a cities water supply, this is known as systemic fluoridation. Because access to dental products that contain fluoride may be limited in some areas, having fluoride in a community’s water supply makes it accessible to everyone. The Santa Margarita Water District supplies water to Mission Viejo residents. As part of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, it began adding fluoride to its water supply in 2007.

Fluoride Safety Concerns

Fluoride is already found in water in small amounts. Systemic fluoridation increases the amount of fluoride in the water to a level that increases is the ability to prevent cavities. Because too much of a good thing can have an opposite effect, most municipal water companies limit the amount of protein in their water supplies to approximately 2 ppm maximum. It’s important to remember that households that filter their water through a purifier may lose fluoride’s helpful benefits. If that’s the case, you can supplement your fluoride needs by using dental products that list it as an ingredient.

What Is Too Much Fluoride?

Because children’s teeth can absorb large amounts of fluoride rather quickly, it’s important to closely monitor their teeth as they grow. If their teeth begin to develop abnormally or spots begin to appear, visit your dentist as soon as possible. Even though fluoride strengthens and protects your teeth, too much at a young age can actually damage them. Your dentist can help you find a solution that will protect your child’s teeth and promote proper development.

Fluoride is an essential part of your dental care routine. It is found in your water, the foods you eat, and many of the dental products you use in your home. If you have questions or concerns about fluoride in your water or how it will affect your child’s teeth visit Oso Marguerite Dental and get the answers you need today!

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