Men With Braces: Why Guys are Straightening Their Teeth

Man Adjusting Transparent Aligners In His Teeth

These days, braces aren’t just for kids. Maybe you were too afraid to step into a dental office as a teen. Perhaps your parents’ dental insurance was inadequate or you thought the pain would be unbearable. Whatever the reason, you can still move forward with a straighter smile and even feel better physically, too.

“In the 90s, I was lucky if one percent of my clients were adults,” says Sunil Wadhwa, DDS, Ph.D., director of orthodontics at the Columbia University College of Medicine in the WebMD article, Straight Talk About Braces for Adults. “It was unheard of for adults to get braces. Now, about 50 percent of my patients are adults. It’s definitely our fastest-growing segment.”

Search for #boywithbraces on social media to see all the other guys taking the step toward more smile-filled lives. Will you be the next guy to get a set of braces or Invisalign?

Straight Teeth Enhance Your Social Life and Career

How many years have you been trying to hide your less than perfect teeth? You probably feel self-conscious about getting braces at your age. You want to improve your physical appearance but, honestly, are other guys really doing it, too? In a survey titled, “The Economics of Orthodontics”, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) found that as of 2012: “44 percent of adult patients (ages 18 and older) were male, an increase of 10 percentage points, or 29 percent, as compared to 2010 survey results.”

Let’s face it: Everyone likes a nice smile. People with straight smiles may make better first impressions. A Kelton Research study found that first impressions translate into more social interactions and better job opportunities. AnotherAAO study showed that the pros of braces in adulthood stretch from clients’ personal lives to their professional lives, too. “Seventy-five percent of adults surveyed reported improvements in career or personal relationships, which they attributed to their improved post-orthodontic smile. Citing their newfound self-confidence, 92 percent of survey respondents said they would recommend orthodontic treatment to other adults”, the AAO found. So, a straighter smile will definitely help you feel more confident inside and out, whether you’re giving the best man’s speech at your bro’s wedding or closing that major sales deal at work.

You Can Still Play Sports With Braces or Aligners

You may be apprehensive about getting braces because you’re convinced they’ll interfere with your favorite activities. Will you still be able to throw a ball around with the guys? If you currently have misaligned or protruding teeth, you’re already more at a heightened risk of a mouth injury. After braces, you can purchase mouth guards that you can mold yourself, or ask your orthodontist to fit you for a mouth guard, especially if you play contact sports (e.g. basketball, football).

Straightening Your Teeth Can be Affordable

According to Angie’s List, the average treatment time for braces is 23 months, and orthodontic fees vary from office to office. Another oftentimes more affordable option is getting Invisalign – which is a clear, removable aligner. Call your insurance company, and ask what your out-of-pocket costs will be. You may find they’re more affordable than you thought. And, by using an FSA or HSA, you may be able to put away tax-free earnings for orthodontic treatments that solve embarrassing or painful physical problems: dietary and intestinal issues related to not being able to chew food correctly; oral hygiene issues; cracking teeth due to alignment issues; teeth grinding; and chronic headaches.

Fortunately, you haven’t missed the boat on straighter teeth just because you’re out of high school. Contact Oso Marguerite Dental in Mission Viejo to get your moldings for Invisalign and you can have the teeth you’ve always dreamed of! Don’t forget to snap a selfie, and post it with #boyswithbraces to inspire other guys to do the same.

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