Dental Implants: How Much Do They Cost?

The loss of teeth can often be a scary thought wondering how to pay to fix the issue and fearful of your new look. The best news is that you don’t need to be scared. There are many ways to fix a smile after the loss of teeth. One of these ways is dental implants. Making the decision to use dental implants means researching and budgeting for the process.

What’s the Cost?

There is no set cost at every dentist’s office for dental implants. It depends on the patient, the teeth, the mouth, and the person’s overall health. Jaw conditions, bone conditions, and gum conditions go into the overall price. Many times a bone graft and extraction of teeth is needed before implants. There is the issue of insurance coverage for many patients as well. Usually, the average cost of dental implants is between $3,000 and $5,000 per tooth.

Why the High Price?

It’s up to each patient to determine if this average price is normal or outstanding. The procedure isn’t easy, but it leaves you with a shiny new mouth of perfect teeth. Dental implants are actually a surgery. It’s called an implantology. The actual dental implant is only part of the surgery. Each mouth is different so no two surgeries are exactly alike. You must first have x-rays to determine your overall tooth health as well as a look into your jaw bone and gum conditions. The location of the tooth or teeth is also put into the equation.

To begin the surgery a hole is drilled into your jaw bone. A fake implant is then inserted into the hole. The procedure is far from over. The bone needs time to heal after this process. This is why a temporary tooth is placed in the hole. If you want to walk around with a hole for a few days, you can choose to skip the temporary tooth at that time. The gum must heal before an abutment can be screwed into the fake tooth with a temporary crown attached. Finally, the temporary crown is removed and a permanent one is attached.

Insurance Coverage

It would be great if all insurances covered dental health, but they just don’t. Some dental plans do cover implants. Speak with your insurance provider about your personal coverage before making a final decision. Many choose to foot the bill out of pocket. Many dentists even offer payment plans for dental implants if your insurance will not cover the procedure.

Overall Thoughts

Talk with your dentist at OMD about what all is included in the quoted cost for your implant. Remember this is a lengthy procedure so you need to know the price of the implant, abutment and the crown itself. If there is a needed extraction or bone graft this could be a separate cost. You will also receive a temporary tooth so ask if you will be charged for this tooth.

We at OMD are here to help you make the big decisions that impact your future. We will help you through each step and ease your fears both emotionally and financially. Don’t ever be afraid to ask us questions or raise concerns. We know it’s your mouth and we care about your dental health so we are here for you.

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