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Dentures are a part of daily life for close to 20 million Americans. If you are one of the many who wears dentures, you could eventually deal with denture breakage. What do you do when your smile suffers from broken or cracked dentures? Here are some simple suggestions to help safeguard your ideal smile.

Causes of Broken Dentures

Have you noticed your mouth suffering from soreness? You may have ill-fitting dentures. Ill-fitting dentures often lead to broken dentures, because they are not fitted correctly to your unique bite or the shape of your mouth. When they are loose in your mouth, damaging stress points form weakening dentures. If this isn’t the case, check below to see other key known causes of a broken denture:

  • A changing facial structure
  • Deteriorating denture material
  • Acidic foods and/or varying food temperatures
  • Time and wear
  • Accidental damage

Keeping your dentures intact is not impossible. Remove your dentures only if necessary. Dentists recommend removal at night before sleeping. Too much handling leads to damage.

Dentures Require Maintenance

Dentures like most things don’t last forever. They typically have a maximum lifespan of about seven years. That is why it is important to replace dentures periodically to avoid any future problems. Dentures do not prevent bone loss. With the removal of your teeth, your facial structure begins to change. Quite literally, your jaw bone can shrink without tooth roots to maintain the form of your face. Unlike dentures, implants replace the tooth roots so that the jaw has something to fuse to. If you have dentures, you may want to seek other dental solutions to help combat facial structure loss.

If you feel something isn’t right with your dentures, a dental expert can help. Set up an appointment with a denture specialist to determine what your next step should be. When you make the call to help your smile maintain its sparkle, your mouth will thank you.

Visit the Denture Experts

Are you unsure about how your next denture appointment will go? Denture experts go through a specific process to ensure they fix your dentures to fit your needs. They diagnose whether you will require a one-day appointment or if your dentures need to be sent to a lab for a more thorough evaluation. Once they’ve determined the cause of denture failure, they will discuss the various options with you. With ill-fitting dentures, you may need a realignment. Other suggestions could be to receive a full replacement, especially if they are old and worn.

Make the Call

In Mission Viejo, our Oso Marguerite Dental staff of trained professionals are ready to assist you in fixing your smile. If you’ve recently suffered broken dentures, mouth discomfort or other troubling dental issues, we have a solution! Visit our website today for more information or chat with us here and discover why we are a trusted supporter of your ideal smile!


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