Dental Crowns & Bridges in Mission Viejo

Crown and bridges are fixed restorative devices that improve the appearance of the teeth. They are often used to repair badly decayed or otherwise damaged teeth and missing teeth. Unlike dentures that can be taken out for cleaning, crowns and bridges are permanent fixtures that only a dentist can remove. This allows them to feel more like your own teeth, improving the appearance of the mouth and invoking self-confidence in the patient.


A crown is like a cap that covers a tooth that cannot be repaired by a filling alone. Crowns are used to restore the shape and function of a tooth and may also be used with an implant or after a root canal procedure. Generally, ceramic and porcelain are used to make crowns, but acrylic, gold and other metal alloys are sometimes utilized as well.

Crowns are recommended when:

  • A tooth is so damaged that it cannot be repaired with a filling
  • A tooth is weak or if it has already been fractured
  • A tooth is discolored, has had a root canal treatment or an implant has been used
  • A tooth is being replaced by a bridge

To make a crown, a dentist will prepare the tooth and take an impression of the teeth to be sent to a lab so the fit is exact, protecting the existing tooth and allowing the patient to eat, drink and continue with their normal lifestyle routine. Porcelain crowns are often a preferred material for crowns because their color can be matched to the rest of the teeth, restoring a healthier, more natural looking smile.

Typically, fitting a permanent crown only requires two appointments, making this a convenient way to return strength to an otherwise weak tooth and creating a more beautiful, confident smile. Until the permanent crown is placed, a temporary one helps the client to feel more comfortable and prevents existing teeth from shifting. Once placed, permanent crowns are cared for in the same manner as existing teeth, and they can last a lifetime with proper oral health care.


Dental bridges offer a stable solution that can improve your smile and restore confidence. A bridge fills gaps due to missing teeth and prevents existing teeth from shifting too, helping to ensure that a beautiful smile is restored and preventing things like a poor bite, shifting and gum disease. Bridges can also help with speech articulation, improving confidence.

Like a crown, a bridge is made in a lab from an impression. Dr. Kamila or Dr. Botros then use their expertise to carefully bond the bridge into place, attaching it to existing abutment teeth on either side. Using state-of-the-art dental equipment and gentle, skilled hands, our dental team will reduce the surrounding teeth and fit them for crowns and permanently cement the bridge into place. The entire process is typically complete in just a few visits, and your permanent bridge will be virtually indistinguishable from your existing teeth.

With a daily oral care routine and regular dental checkups, both crowns and bridges can last for decades or even a lifetime, allowing you to eat, drink, work and play with confidence in your healthy, beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a crown?

    A crown is a tooth covering used to protect a tooth that has been weakened. It is sometimes necessary to put in place after a large filling or because of extensive decay. Crowns can be made of several different materials including porcelain fused to metal and are precision crafted by Oso Marguerite Dental professionals.

  • Will the crown match my other teeth?

    Yes, the crown should closely match the color of your existing teeth. The Oso Marguerite Dental Team takes time to get as exact a match as possible using an extensive shade guide. This helps the crown to appear natural in your mouth, enhancing your smile and increasing confidence.

  • How many visits are needed to fit a crown or bridge?

    In most cases, the process requires two visits to Oso Marguerite Dental. At the first visit, the teeth are prepared, and an impression is taken. The shade guide is also used to match the existing color of your teeth. In most cases, a temporary crown is placed during this visit. At the second visit, your permanent crown is placed and checked for color and fit.

  • I think I need a crown. What is the best way to find out?

    Call the office of Oso Marguerite Dental to schedule a consultation. We will evaluate your tooth and develop a treatment plan that addresses the problem and makes the most sense financially.

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